Regional Petroleum Products

About us

Regional Petroleum Products ( RPP ) was established in (1423 H, 2002 G) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Riyadh City's Industrial Area with an area of more than (10.000 sqm) with a high technological degree to be a leader in the field of Bitumen Substance Industries. The Company, thanks to God, managed to get all its projects approved by the Ministry of Transportation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Company, as well, got approvals of the Municipalities of Regions accompanied with acknowledgement of its compliance with the projects of roads related to the Royal Authority in Jubail and Yanbua.

  The company has managed, as well, to get certificates from International Laboratories such as, (SGS) in addition to the laboratories of Saudi Aramco which undertook its role to insert the Company in the list of Main Customers of Petroleum Derivatives in the System of National and International Sales.

In addition, the Company was conferred upon, in the year 2009 G, the ISO (9001-2008) Certificate of Quality by (Bureau VERITAS) Company. The Regional has worked, always, to improve and develop its products and branches. And in such regard, a Factory for Asphalt in Jeddah and a Factory for Industrial Oils& Lubricating Oils in Riyadh City were opened. A Factory for Artificial Rubber was opened in Riyadh City, as well. For the time being, a study is being prepared to open a factory for Asphalt and Industrial Oils in the Eastern Region to meet the needs of our clients wherever they exist.